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In the past Coordinator of the COK project (film)


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Current research fields

electronic and magnetic properties of graphene structures and carbon nanotubes

topologically protected states in graphene structures

electronic and optical properties of quantum dots


Previous research

confined many-electron systems:

strain effects in nano-heterostructures;
resonant states and tunneling in quantum dots;
impurity states in low-dimensional structures;

atoms and molecules in cavities;
electron correlation in spatially confined systems;
zero-dimensional semiconductor structures in external fields;



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Projects  headed 

1.               Localized states in graphene-based systems; the role of electron interactions. National Research Council (2012-2014)

2.               Center of Quantum Optics, the European Regional Development Fund (2008-2011)

3.               National Laboratory of Quantum Technologies, the European Regional Development Fund (2008-2011)

4.               Strain effects In self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots (State Research Council)– 2004-2006

5.               US Dept.of Commerce (NIST) Project “Atomistic modeling of quantum dots and hybrid nano-heterostructures” 2005-2006

6.               Modelling of semiconductor quantum dots (State Research Council, 2004-2006)

7.               Energy structure of semiconductor quantum dots (State Research Council, 2000-2002)

8.               Stationary and dynamical properties of confined systems (State Research Council, 1996-1998)

9.               Physics of quantum dots (USA-Poland second Maria Skłodowska-Curie FUND - 1999-2001)

10.            Senior Fulbright Fellow at Natioanl Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, USA 1996-1997

11.            Electronic structure of surfaces, quantum wells and superlattices (State Research Council, 1993-1995)

12.            Polish-Spanish Scientific and Technological Cooperation, 1999-2002, project: The structure of many electron systems"

Group members

Prof. Mirosław Bylicki

Dr Michał Zieliński

Dr Marta Pelc



Dr Rafał Oszwałdowski

Dr Mariusz Pawlak

Dr Dorota Bielinska-Wąż




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