Interesting papers of Polish Partner

The Education of Physics Laboratory Group papers on IT in Science Education you can find in:

   1.      Proceedings of International Conference GIREP:

GIREP'89 - Hungary

  • J. Turlo, Z. Turlo, Microcomputer in Teaching about the Conservation of Energy, p. 56.

GIREP'91 - Poland

  •  J. Turlo, P. Macikowski, Introducing Elements of Einstein's Spacetime Physics Using Computer Simulation, p. 476.
  •  J. Turlo, Z. Turlo, Teaching about Reference Frames Using IBM Microcomputer Based Laboratory Tools, p. 481.

GIREP'96 - Ljubliana

  • A.Karbowski, J.Tur這, Z.Tur這, Experimental Verification of the Motion Models by the Real Time Computer Based Experiments,  246-248.
  •  J.Tur這, Z.Tur這, A.Karbowski, Data Logging in the Environmental Investigations, 304-306.
  • J.Tur這, M.Berndt, A.Borowski, R.Gajewski, K.Go喚biowski, A.Karbowski, J.Rybicki, Z.Tur這, Teachware Provided by the Computer Workshops in Toru, 525-526.

GIREP'99 - Duisburg

  • A. Karbowski, J. Tur這, Z. Tur這, Computer Aided Hands-on Experiments with an Acoustic Field, 243-245.
  • Z. Tur這, J. Tur這, Model of Smart Refrigerator for Environmental Education, Mat. Konf., 368-370.
  • J. Rybicki, Hands-on Experiments with Chaos Based on Electrochemical Sedimentation of Metals, 316-318.

GIREP'2002 - Lund

GIREP'2004 - Ostrava

  • J.Tur這,A. Karbowski, K. S逝瞠wski, G. Osi雟ki,  School Science Mini MBL Project aimed at increasing the efficiency of teaching, 114.


  • J. Tur這, A. Karbowski, K. Sluzewski, G. Osinski, For what, when and how ICT should be used in physics teaching?


  • J.Turlo, A. Karbowski, K. Sluzewski, Z.Turlo, Multimedia vs Microcomputer Based Laboratory methods and tools in science education.

         PAofST Annual Meeting, TORUN

  • J.Turlo, A. Karbowski, K.Sluzewski, G. Osinski, Metody technologii Informacyjnej w edukacji srodowiskowej.

2.      Proceedings of Polish Conference on IT at School: 1993 - 2004 annually - Papers on Applications of Computer in Science Teaching > 20,

3.      Proceedings of others Polish Conferences on IT in Changed Education,  

4.      Polish Journal "Computer in School",

5.      Textbooks for teachers and students,

6.      Polish Journal "Science Teaching" and some other publications as ie:

  • J. Turlo, J. Olszewski, Z. Turlo, Podnecovani poznavaci aktivity zaku pomoci fyzikalnych experimentu podporovanych pocitacem, Matematika a Fyzika ve Skole 20, 467, 1989/90 (in Czech).
  • J. Turlo, Brownian Motion Studies by Simulations Method, la Fisica nella Scuola, 2, 1995 (in Italian).
  • J. Turlo, Teacheware, the Use of Computers in Teachers Training, Proc. Int. Conf. on Physics Teachers Education, Dortmund, p. 227, 1992.
  • J. Turlo, R. Gajewski, Z. Turlo, Radioactivity Around Us - Simple School Measurements On Line with IBM PC, Proc. Int. Conf. on East-West Radioactive Pollution Measurements, B. Orton ed., Budapest, p. 324, 1995.
  • J.Turlo, A.Karbowski, G.Osi雟ki, K.Sluzewski,Z.Turlo, Edukacyjne laboratoria wspomagane komputerowo, Vo. 15/3, 200.
  • W. Osi雟ka, G Osi雟ki, Information Technology, Wyd. UMK, Toru 2001, pp. 96. and 9 more.

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