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General Numbers

Project number: 226382-CP-1-2005-1-SK-Comenius-C21
Eligibility period: 1.10.2005 to 30.9.2008
Submission date for the progress report 1.1.2007
Submission date for the final report 15.1.2009

Summary from the project proposal

Thematic area: Quality and evaluation of school education

The goals and the ways of teaching science disciplines are changing, the focus is to lead students to active learning and team work - more than when most of present teachers finished their study. Teachers nowadays should be able to use teaching methods which lead students to active and collaborative learning in real life contexts.

According to an OECD (2004) survey, the use of ICT in education in most countries concentrates on sporadic and mechanical information retrieval from the Internet.

The focus of our study is the ability of teachers to effectively use the computer aided experiments and computer modelling of phenomenons as a tool in the way prescribed above – how present teachers and students-teachers are able to lead students to active learning, active investigation of physical phenomenons via computer aided experiments, how to lead students to team work, how to set the phenomenons and problems studied and solved to local context.

Objectives: To identify best practice across Europe, propose system for benchmarking this area, prepare and test a course for in-service and pre-service teacher training in such way.Target Groups: Teachers of science in schools age 10-18 and trainee teachers of science. Lecturers with responsibility for in-service and pre-service teachers training.

Questions and comments: Krzysztof Sluzewski
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