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  General info:

The workshop is devoted to a new optical diagnostic method: Optical Coherence Tomography, which originates from medicine but was later adopted to examination of objects of art for conservation and inventory purposes. The technique is 100% non-contact and non-invasive and since its implementation in 2003 was successfully used to investigate such objects as: paintings, jade artifact, porcelain and faience, glass and parchment. However, it is very possible that many fields of applications still remain not exploited.

Since the number of groups presently employing OCT for examination of various objects of art is limited, it is our intention to present results from all of them. Therefore, the major expectations from this event are:

  to review latest results,
  to define areas of application,
  to find the best way to disseminate the technique,

  additionally, the fully operational Spectral OCT system especially designed for this purpose will be provided – everybody is invited to bring her/his sample and to try the method.

Participants are encouraged to submit their own contribution. Go to Materials section for details.
Download the workshop leaflet here.                                                  Download the conference description in Polish here