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Neurobiologia i badania nad mózgiem

i Konferencje Polskiego Towarzystwa Kognitywistycznego

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    Neuroscience, biological neural networks
    Neurobiologia, modele biologicznych neuronów.

    Lists of resources

    Antwerp Theoretical Neurobiology Index
    The Brain Lab, IQ Tests and brain news
    Brain Science Resource Kit
    Brain & Neuro Center (Martindale)
    Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
    Computational Neuroscience/Neuroinformatics in Europe
    Cognitive Neuroscience Resources on the Internet: Homepages (CNBC)
    Computational Neuroscience: Gateway To The World
    Consciousness Studies
    Eye-Hand Coordination for 3-D Oriented Objects
    FSU Neuroscience / Other Neuroscience WWW Sites
    History of Human Behavior sciences, PBS
    Mind/brain resources
    Medicine and Neurosciences on the Internet (Heidelberg)
    Memory Guide
    Neuro Ring
    Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
    Neuroinfromatics | Neuroinfromatics PL
    Neuro-IT, between neuroscience and IT, interesting lectures, grant info
    Neurosciences (
    Neuroscience Web Search and its German mirror

    Vision, computational models see also Cognitive Science links
    Simple Brain Neurocomputing, fish and frogs.

    Cognitive Neuroscience Society
    Neuroinformatics @Edinburgh

    Brain, neuroscience - Mózg i neurobiologia

    Neuroscience Web Search

    Hardin Meta Directory - Neurology/Neurosciences
    Internet Neuroscience Resources (Chudler, U. Wash.)
    MedWeb Neurology - huge list
    Neurology/Neuroscience Korean list
    *Neuroscience (Biosciences), part of Virtual Library
    Neurosciences on the Internet (Neil Busis), mirrors in UK | Germany | and Australia

    Yahoo: Neurosciences

    Basic neural processes - tutorial
    Biological and Physiological Psychology
    Brain connections (education) | news page | Neurowire magazine
    Brain Facts and Figures
    Brain Glossary, memory page
    Number of neurons in the brain
    Brain & Neuro Martindale links
    The Brain Project (Stephen Jones): history, philosophy, neuroscience, models ...
    Brain Science Resource Kit
    Brain Science Research and other KAIST centers
    Brain structure and function webquest
    Cognitive-Neuroscience Resources(Carnegi Mellon)
    CBCL Homepage (Poggio)
    Computational Neurobiology - Publications (Sejnowski group)
    Computational Neuroscience Laboratory (Attick, Rockefeler University)
    Food and Drug Administration
    FSU Neuroscience / Other Neuroscience WWW Sites
    Handbook of brain theory and neural networks (book, Arbib)
    HippoWeb Neurobiology
    Human Brain Project | Danish Repository of HBP

    Global Anatomy - Brain
    Jane's Brain Page - Layman's View on Brain Chemistry
    Minds and Machines Module
    Neuroanatomy and neuropathology on the Web (Debrecen), good references
    Neurocomputing Research Centre, Brisbane, Au
    Neuroscape Gateway
    Neurosciences at the University of Southern California
    Neurosciences at the UW (W. Calvin)
    Neuroscience for Kids | Our senses | Other Neuroscience Resources (E. Chudler)
    The Physiology of the Senses
    Physiological Psychology
    USC Brain models on the Web ( M. Arbib) and the USC Brain Project

    In Poland: MedBook - księgarnia medyczna | Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psycholgiczne (książki) |

    Brain Atlases and Courses

    Brain Poke (Washington & Lee Univ.)
    Brainscape, brain bench and other brain imaging (J.H.U)
    Brain Map database (PET, NMR)
    Digital Anatomist Program, Interactive Brain Atlas (Washington University)
    Encyclopedia of the Human Brain
    Global Anatomy Home Page (Wisconsin)
    Glossary of brain structures (Memory Key)
    Learning guide for the human brain
    Neuroanatomy Study Slides
    Neuroscience Tutorial (WUSTL, van Essen)
    Practical Anatomy of the Brain
    Surface cortex atlases of human and macaque (van Essen lab)
    The Whole Brain Atlas (Harvard)
    The Visible Human Project (including visible brain and many links)
    Virtual Body - brain, heart, skeleton, digestive system (Columbia)
    Virtual Hospital - real brain dissections
    Fly Brain

    Popular, usefulf for demos:
    Brainviews - Animated Brain

    Human Anatomy

    Brain diseases and dysfunctions | USA Alzheimer Association | Europe Alzheimer Association | Alzheimer Association Weblinks | Alzheimer Web
    Behavioral and Mental Disorders
    Brain Disorders Network / Index
    Brain - from Health Answers
    Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities Resources
    Connectionist Models of Cognitive, Affective, Brain, and Behavioral Disorders, with introduction to models and bibliography.
    Connectionism and Language Disorders
    Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives | Brain for Kids! |
    INNS SIG on Metal Functions and Dysfunctions |
    Internet Mental Health, łącznie z diagnozą on-line wielu chorób psychicznych
    Mental Health Net - Professional Resources Index
    Mental Health Net - Psychopharmacology & Drug References
    Mental Health (from Snap)
    Neurosurgery (Bowman Gray School of Medicine)
    Neurosurgery (MedMark) | Cyber Museum of Neurosurgery |
    Nervous System Diseases (Karolinska Institute)
    Psychopharmacology Tips
    RebPage: the brain in health and disease

    Computational approaches in psychiatry

    MentalHealth, łącznie z diagnozą on-line wielu chorób psychicznych
    Online Psych - various aspects of mental health
    Physiology EUR - M.A. Frens
    Psychiatry On-Line - International Journal of Psychiatry Key Information
    Psychiatry Sites - 1997
    Psychiatry and Neurology glossary
    Society for Medical Decision Making, also journal
    MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources (Emory University)
    Psychiatric Society for Informatics
    Chaos and Psyche
    PDP++ software and book

    Behavioral and brain functions journal
    Drugs, Brains and Behavior book (C. Robin Timmons & Leonard W. Hamilton)
    Psychiatria Polska (miesięcznik)


    Neuropsychology Central
    Neuropsychology Resources (NHN)
    NeuroPsychology Sources & Course
    PsychTrauma Glossary
    Emotion Research Group, Geneve
    Max Planck Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Leipzig

    Aphasia tutorial
    Asperger disorder
    Capgras links | Capgras for kids | Dyslexia Online, artykuły | Dyslexia, helping dyslectic pupils and students (pomagając dyslektycznym uczniom i nauczycielom) | Dyslexia Testing, testy dysleksji |, metoda Davisa
    False Memory Syndrom
    Neurological Examination
    Phantom Limbs
    Tourette Syndrom Association

    Neuropsychology papers, great collection of reprints

    Sensorimotor integration - Integracja sensomotoryczna

    Corpus callosum in sensorimotor integration, Marco Iacoboni lab
    Maps, modules and internal models in human motor control
    Neuromorphic Sensorimotor Systems Laboratory
    Neuropsychology Research Unit, Monash Univ, basal ganglia, disorders
    VETT Projects and Research (Virtual Environments, sensorimotor, MIT)
    Zentrum für Sensomotorik München
    neuromechanical simulation of salamander locomotion, Java applet

    Special subjects

    Books and articles on spike synchrony and oscillation, Lee lab, Rochester
    Articles of particular interest for Current Opinion in Neurobiology

    Neurolinguistics: Friedemann Pulvermuller, CBU MRC |


    Auditory Image Model of Peripheral Auditory Processing
    Biofeedback: Biofeedback Webzine
    Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation, Neurofeedback Archive, Neurotherapy
    Berlin Brain Computer Interface
    Biomental - EOG Biofeedback

    Child Neurology
    Consciousness - see Cognitive Science links
    Complex Systems in Psychology Conference
    Eye-Movement resources
    History of Neuroscience
    Human Brain, Aging
    Mind Uploading Home Page (speculations on coping the mind!)
    Modeling Interacting Populations of "Biological" Neurons
    Mus Silicum, integration of spatiotemporal patterns
    Neuromorphic Analog VLSI
    NeuroMuscular Research Center (brain-machine connections)
    Population Coding Literature
    Split brain (assymetry)
    Vestibulo-Oculomotor Lab - Neurology

    Societies, Labs and Organizations in Neuroscience

    Agora for Biosystems, Hans Liljenstrom
    Adams Super Center for Brain Studies
    Applied Neurodynamics, Deiss Stephen R.
    Aston University: Neural Computing Research Group
    Attention and Brain Recovery Lab, WU-StL (Corbetta)
    Behavior On-line, for Mental Health and Applied Behavioral Science Professionals
    BPEL, Biological and Physiological Engineering Laboratory, S. Usui
    Brain Dynamics Center
    Brainscape, Inc.
    Brain-Mind Institute, Lausanne
    Center for Neuroscience, U.C. Davis
    CELEST, A Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science, and Technolog, Boston
    Cognitive Neuroscience Society
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Online (CLIO)
    MRC-CBU, Cognition and Brain Sciences, Cambridge
    Computation & Neural Systems (Caltech)
    Computational Neuroscience (Berne) publications
    Cognitive Neuroscience Society
    Cognitive Neuropsychology Lab, Harvard Univ.
    Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston (Steven Grossberg)
    Cricket lab, biomorphic approach
    FSU Neuroscience / Other Neuroscience WWW Sites
    Kawato Mitsuo, Dynamic Brain Project, JSTC
    Kogan Research Institute for Neurocybernetics, KRINC, Rostov State University
    Krasnow Institute for Advanced Studies, GMU, neural dynamics, neuroanatomy
    Human Behavior and Evolution Society
    Institut für Theoretische Neurophysik
    International Center of Biocybernetics (Warsaw)
    Lab. for neural computation (Bartlett Mel, neurobiology)
    Lab. for Behavior and Dynamic Cognition, Jun Tani, RIKEN
    MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (Berwick, Pinker, Poggio)
    McDonnell-Pew Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience
    McDonnell Foundation
    Neureka ANS
    Neuropsychology Research Unit, basal ganglia, disorders (Monash Univ)
    MPI for Biological Cybernetics
    Neutronics Technologies Corporation and NTCE Ltd (robots, wavelet processors?)
    RUCA/UA WWW Server
    Salk Institute - Computational Neurobiology (Sejnowski and others)
    Section of Neurobiology, Yale, Goldman-Rakic, others
    Van Essen Land
    Washington Univ, Cognitive Control and Psychopatology Lab
    Yale Section of Neurobiology, Goldman-Rakic & others

    Large-scale brain simulations and hardware projects:
    Goodman Brain Computation lab, Uni. Nevada at Reno, Neocortical simulator (NCS3)
    ALAVLSI, EU consortium, a general architecture for perceptual attention and learning
    FACET, First Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States EU consortium.

    W Polsce - in Poland:
    The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology (Warsaw)
    Polish Neuroscience Society, Polskie Towarzystwo Badań Układu Nerwowego
    Komitet Neurobiologii PAN
    Cognitive Neuroscience - Neuronauki kognitywne |
    Neuroinfromatics PL | Neuroforum |
    DANA, Polskie Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Krzewienia Wiedzy o Mózgu
    Europejski Dzień Mózgu, obchodzony w marcu (pierwszy raz w 1998)
    Polish Neural Networks Society - Polskie Towarzystwo Sieci Neuronowych, info w Toruniu
    Europejski Dzień Mózgu, obchodzony w marcu (pierwszy raz w 1998)
    Virtual Brain Research Institute, Jerzy Zbigniew Achimowicz

    People in Neuroscience

    Abbott Laurence F, sensorimotor
    Amit Daniel J. recurrent networks, brain models
    Baddeley Roland, exp. psych, nn models
    Bechtel William, philosophy-neuroscience
    Bekkering Harold, MPIPF (Max Planck Inst Psychological Research, Munich)
    Theodore W. Berger, artificial hippocampus
    Bialek William, neurons, spikes
    Boes Siegfried - Papers (RIKEN)
    Bülthoff Heinrich, MPI Biocybernetics, director
    Chimera: LANN group, Amit, Fusi
    Fusi Stefano, neuromorphic hardware
    Deco Gustavo , brain functions, vision, information theory
    Dorffner Georg , EEG, NN
    Edelman Shimon - object recognition | at Cornell | at Sussex | older, at MIT |
    Freeman, Walter, Neurophysiology Lab
    Ghahramani Zoubin, neural networks, HMM, sensorimotor
    Goodhill Geoff, topographical maps, brain
    Hasselmo lab (Harvard) - hippocampus, Alzheimer, memory
    Horn David, psychiatric models, NN
    Iacoboni Marco, corpus callosum in sensorimotor integration
    Ingber Lester - Code and Reprint Archive
    Kozma, Robert, Computational Neurodynamics Lab
    Levine Daniel, frontal lobes, decision making
    Levy William, hippocampus simulations
    Jefferys John - Neuroscience, and 40 Hz brain waves (Traub i inn.)
    Kahana Michael - Human Memory
    Kieras, David E. Human-Computer Interaction
    EPIC Project (Kieras)
    Koch, Chris (CalTech)
    Lansner Anders, SANS, NADA, Stockholm, cell assemblies, Bayesian, integrative
    Lappe Markus, vision, eye movement, sensorimotor integration
    Maass Wolfgang, spiking networks | Neural microcurcuits simulations |
    Mallot Hanspeter A., vision, cognitive maps, population networks
    Marwan Jabri, superior colliculus, brain models
    McCormick David, vision, EEG, cellular
    Meeter Martin, Hippocampus, Amnesia
    Mjolsness Eric, Neuroengineering
    Mussa-Ivaldi, F. motor behavior
    Opstal, John Van (sensorimotor)
    Parga Nestor, Assoc. Mem, ICA, neuroscience
    Pouget Alexandre, Computational Neurobiology, population coding, vision
    Ramachandran Vilayanur, UCSD Brain and Perceptual Process Laboratory (phantom limbs, illusions)
    Rybak Ilya (vision, populations of biological neurons)
    Ruppin Eytan (psychiatry)
    Samsonovich Alexei, neuroscience, consciousness
    Schaal Stefan - Sensorimotor Integration
    Schmajuk Nestor, psychiatric modeling
    Sejnowski Terry, Computational Neurobiology
    Simpson John I, sensorimotor integration, cerebellum input
    Sparks David L, neural control of saccadic eye movements
    Taylor John R, KCL Computational Neuroscience Group | CNG projects | Oresteia network, drawing attention to dangers |
    Tani Jun, RIKEN, mirror neurons, dynamical networks, robotics | Warden Robert, theoretical papers on the brain evolution
    Wiskott Laurenz, cortical map formation (Theoretical Biology, Berlin)
    Wörgötter Florentin, biophysical models, vision

    Books, journals, papers

    Pisma - Journals  

    Neuroscholar - neuroscientific literature knowledge management

    Behavioral and Brain Sciences ETOC96 | Brain briefings (Society for Neuroscience) | Brain, Behaviour and Evolution (only sample on-line copy) | BrainWork, brain news from | Brain and Mind Electronic Magazine, mostly Neuroscience |
    Brain, Mind and Media |
    Current opinion in neurobiology
    Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience | Journal of Computational Neuroscience | Journal of Consciousness Studies | Journal of Theoretical Biology | Harvard BRAIN (journal, pdf format)
    Neuroscience-Net (scholary journal)
    Neurology and Neurosciences Journals | Neurobiology of Learning and Memory | Neurology Network Commentary Online | Neurosci-on news, library etc. | On the Brain (Harvard journal)

    Neural networks journals

    Książki - Books

    Lateral Interactions in the Cortex: Structure and Function
    Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction, Sutton and Barto
    Visual Cortex Research (LISSOM model)
    Drugs, Brains and Behavior, by C. Robin Timmons & Leonard W. Hamilton (Prentice Hall)

    AI Group, Iowa (Honavar)
    LSA, Lernende Systeme und Anwendungen, Keiserlautern - Reports
    London & South East High Performance Computing Centre

    Benzon & Hays evolutionary 4 stage development
    Can Recurrent Neural Networks Learn Natural Language Grammars?
    Cost-Sensitive Classification: Evaluation of a Hybrid Genetic Decision Tree Induction Algorithm
    Function Approximation in the State-Space (Bayesian, clustering EM)
    In Search of Common Foundations for Cortical Computation (Phillips, Singer)
    Indeterminacy of the visual hierarchy, analiza układu wzrokowego
    Language as a dynamical system - Jeff Elman
    Mjolsness, UCSD - good optimization paper!
    Mus silicum, Hopfield, sensory analysis
    NCRG Tech Reports
    Recognition Memory, Ratcliff, Zandt, McKoon
    Neural Networks: Automata and Formal Models of Computation
    Tensor Product Network Publications

    PhD thesis - prace doktorskie

    Functional MRI : Methods and Applications
    Spiking Neural Networks

    Software for neurobiological & neural simulations

    NEST initiative

    Various subjects connected with the brain

    Brain humor!
    Cell Assemblies - the basis of thought
    Decade of the brain - resolutions
    Electric neuronal oscillations and cognition (ENOC) working group.
    InterSpecies R&D: human-dolphin interactions
    International Society for Human Ethology
    In-Vitro Reinforcement brain plasticity mechnism, alternative to LTP
    Logical Fallacies - Stephen's guide
    Institute of neuroesthetics, Wellcome Laboratory of Neurobiology (Vislab), University College London
    Nanotubes for neurons, Deepak Srivastava, NASA Ames
    NeuroQuantology, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics
    Nonverbal Communications, Center for Nonverbal Studies
    Learn perfect pitch software (sluch absolutny)
    Quantitative Biology
    Quantum Computation qubit server
    Biography: antropology, biology ... sociology (The Glass Bead Page)
    Silico-neural links
    Competence Center for Sleep Analysis, The Siesta Group (Georg Dorffner)

    News and on-line journals dealing with neuroscience: Science Daily | InScight | ScienceNOW | EurekAlert | Helios Science News | Exploration Network | (Discovery), CNN Science News | Dziennik Internetowy PAP - Nauka |

    Neuroscience + announcements: CNBC page for postdocs | TSC jobs | Okinawa neuroscience school 2004 |

    Other interesting math/science journals

    Inne strony: AI w IR | AI + ML | Inteligencja Obliczeniowa | Kognitywistyka | Programy i dane | Nauka i obrzeża |

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