Theme 3. Theoretical investigation of general-relativistic effective contributions to dark matter fields

Theme 3 will be divided into two work packages:

  • Task 3.1: Numerical study of megaparsec-scale curvature and
    backreaction as an effective source of dark matter (Months 1-36)
  • Task 3.2: Analytical role of dark-matter-like behaviour of
    mean curvature and relativistic kinematical backreaction (Months 13-36)

Both analytically and numerically, the understanding of how to make correct, accurate calculations of the kinematical backreaction, when written as expansion-rate–normalised parameters, remains very much incomplete. We plan to carry out numerical work in close connection with analytical calculations that are already underway. This work will be performed in the context of the RAMSES front-end $N$-body simulation package (Cecill), the MPGRAFIC cosmological initial conditions generator (GPL), the DTFE and INHOMOG libraries (GPL), and the RAMSES-SCALAV extension to RAMSES ramses that integrates these packages together and implements relativistic constraints.