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   Kacper Drozdowski

   Andrzej Gburek

   Czesław Koepke

   Krzysztof Przegiętka

   Kamil Przewoski

   Marcin Witkowski

   Andrzej Wojtowicz (including lectures on optics)

   Toruń Branch of the Polish Physical Society

   Advances in Physics - the Journal of the Polish Physical Society

   Periodic Table

   Photon Cross Sections Database

   Scintillator Database

   Table of Radioactive Isotopes

   Calendar of Upcoming Scientific Conferences

   Delft University of Technology

   HASYLAB, Hamburg

   Public Transport Planner for the Netherlands

   Local Train and Bus Service in Hamburg

   Japanese Train Photo Gallery

   Collection of Pictures Made by Hungarian Railway Photographer Gigantos Pista

   Standard Gauge Locomotives in Poland

   Youth Chess Academy

   "Rotmistrz" Chess Club

   Vintage Cassettes

   Rush - Progressive Giants

   Puhdys - Just Listen!