The Jablonski Centennial Conference ...

The International Jablonski Award

conceived in commemoration of Professor Aleksander Jablonski, recognizes the highest achievements in the principles and applications of fluorescence spectroscopy.

The award is sponsored by the Biological Fluorescence Subgroup of the Biophysical Society (USA) and by SPECTRONIC Instruments, Inc.

The annual Jablonski Award was presented to the following recipients for outstanding fundamental accomplishments in fluorescence spectroscopy:
 1997  Professor Gregorio Weber ( presented at the 1997 Annual Meeting of Biophysical Society)
 1998  Professor Michael Kasha  (presented at The Jablonski Centennial Conference in Torun, Poland)
1999 Professor Ludwig Brand (presented at the 1999 Annual Meeting of Biophysical Society).
2000 Professor Watt W. Webb ( presented at the 2000 Annual Meeting of Biophysical Society)

The awardee receives a Memorial Plaque, and $2,500 cash prize.

The 2001 nominations should be send to

David M. Jameson
Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology
University of Hawaii
1960 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 96822, USA
tel 808-956-5034
fax: 808-956-9952