Since 1992, together with prof. Andrzej Wojtowicz, and basing on various grants (local and external - Polish and European) we dedicate a lot of effort to create, in our modest Polish conditions, a bona fide spectroscopic laboratory. So far we have put to work several setups addressed to measurements of the following characteristics:

  • absorption spectra
  • emission spectra
  • emission decays
  • luminescence excitation spectra
  • time resolved emission spectra
  • radioluminescence spectra

measured in pulse regime, using a Xe-Cl excimer laser or excimer-pumped dye laser as a source of excitation, or,

measured in CW (or quasi-CW) regime, using an Argon ion laser as a source of excitation

  • excited state absorption decays.

A special stress is put upon the ESA measurements because they are of critical importance in determining whether a given material is a good candidate to be a laser gain medium or not.