The 30th Symposium on Mathematical Physics

with special session

"Dynamical Systems:  From Integrability to Chaos"

May 26-30, 1998,   Torun, Poland

-----   LIST OF TALKS   -----

M. Blaszak (Poznan):
Bi-Hamiltonian systems in (2+1)-dimensions
M. Bordemann (Freiburg):
Deformation quantization: applications in cotangent bundles
A. Bordner (Kyoto):
Lax pairs for generalized Calogero-Moser systems associated with Lie algebras
S. Bugajski (Katowice):
What are fuzzy random variables and why we need them?
G. Casati (Como):
The problem of ergodicity in quantum mechanics
R. Cushman (Utrecht):
Monodromy in integrable systems
H.D. Doebner (Clausthal):
Nonlinear quantum mechanics
A. Doliwa (Warsaw, Rome):
Geometric discretization of the Toda system
M. Durdevic (Mexico):
Introduction to quantum spin groups and bundles
A. Fordy (Leeds):
On quadratic hamiltonians with electromagnetic termand possessing a commuting integral
B. Fuchssteiner (Paderborn):
Interacting particles in integrable systems
S. Furuichi (Tokyo):
Computation of quantum mutual entropy for Jaynes-Cummings model
J. Galan-Vioque (Sevilla):
Chaos in a mean field tight model of coupled quantum wells; bifurcationis of periodic orbits in a symmetric hamiltonian system
V.A. Geyler (Saransk):
Quasi-one-dimensional nanosystems in a uniform magnetic field: Explicitly solvable model
A.S. Gevorkyan (St. Petersburg):
Classical and quantum chaos in a three-body system
Quantum chaos in the framework of complex probability processes
R. Gielerak (Wroclaw):
From stochastic partial differential equations to quantum field theories
H. Gottschalk (Bochum):
Green's functions for scattering in quantum field theory
J. Hanckowiak (Zielona Gora):
Normal solutions to equations for multi-time correlation functions
I. Kanatchikov (Warsaw):
De Donder-Weyl formulation of general relativity, quantization, and the Ehrenfest theorem
V.P. Karassiov (Moscow):
Weyl-Howe dual algebraic pairs and coherent structures in quantum many-body physics
J. Kijowski (Warsaw):
The role of boundary conditions in classical field theory. Strong versus weak symplectic structures
A. Kossakowski (Torun):
On positive, normalised maps on matrix algebras
R. Kotecky (Prague):
Phase transitions for quantum lattice systems
M. Kus (Warsaw):
Linear and nonlinear dynamics of quantum kicked top. II. Evolution of parameters
H. Lundmark (Linkoping):
New integrable classes of nonpotential Newton equations connected with novel separation coordinates and the Laplace equation
J. Lawrynowicz (Lodz):
An introduction to pseudotwistors
A. Maciejewski (Torun):
Nonintegrability and chaos in certain Lie-Poisson system
W. A. Majewski (Gdansk):
Does quantum chaos exist? A quantum Lyapunov exponents approach
H.-J. Mann (Clausthal):
Stochastic mechanics and nonlinear Schroedinger equation
K. Marciniak (Linkoping):
New families of Poisson operators for Newton equations
G. Marmo (Napoli):
Integrability and symmetries
G. Misiolek (Notre Dame, IN):
Completely integrable geodesic flows on the Bott-Virasoro group
J. Napora (Cracow):
On integrable in quadratures generalised Riccati-Abel equations: Differential-geometric and Lie-algebraic analysis
M. Ohya (Tokyo):
New description of chaos and its applications
A. Okninski (Kielce):
Linear and nonlinear dynamics of quantum kicked top. I. Evolution of operators
Z. Popowicz (Wroclaw):
N=3 supersymmetric KdV equation
Y. Prykarpatsky (Lviv):
About the structure of Lax type integrable flows with sources
S. Rauch-Wojciechowski (Linkoping):
Quasi-Lagrange systems: a new theory for integrable (nonpotential) Newton equations
H. Roemer (Freiburg):
KMS states and star product quantization
L. Rondoni (Torino):
A recent approach to nonequilibrium statistical mechanics: the Chaotic Hypothesis
S. Saito (Tokyo):
Analytical study of Julia set at the transintion frm chaos to integrability
A.G. Sergheyev (Kyiv):
On symmetries of KdV-like evolution equations
A.V. Shchepetilov (Moscow):
The reduction of two-body problem with central interaction on simply connected spaces of constant sectional curvature
R. Smirnov (Kingston):
Bi-Hamiltonian transformations in the action-angle variables
J. Sniatycki (Calgary):
Yang-Mills-Dirac theory as a Hamiltonian system
K. Stefanski (Torun):
Transient chaos in multi-dimensional maps
J.-M. Strelcyn (Paris):
Jouanolou system of ODE in higher dimensions
L. Tamassy (Debrecen):
Riemannian spaces determined by Finsler spaces
K. Toda (Kusatsu):
Integrability of the Bogoyavlenskii-Schiff hierarchy and a quest for the integrable equation in 3+1 dimensions
G. Tondo (Trieste):
Bi-Hamiltonian structures, quasi-bi-Hamiltonian systems and separation of variables
M. Urbanski (Warsaw):
Topology of measurement and S^2 gauge field
Y. Uwano (Kyoto):
Two kinds of degeneracies of energy levels of a torus-quantized perturbed oscillator with four parameters in the Birkhoff-Gustavson normal form. Quantum counterparts of pitchfork/saddle-node bifurcations
N. Watanabe (Tokyo):
Quantum capacity for noisy quantum channel
M. Wojtkowski (Tucson):
Hamiltonian system with linear potential and collisions
B. Zakhariev (Dubna):
Quantum design of multichannel systems